Raymond H. Tu

PhD Computer Scientist

Machine Learning

Giving computers the ability to learn from data, to create intelligent agents that can solve problems without being explicitly programmed.

Data Science

Extracting valuable insights from data using scientific principles and analysis techniques to enable data-driven decision-making.


Protecting accounts, networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access and ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

FIRE Capital One Machine Learning Poster

I'm a Ph.D. Computer Scientist with a technical background in ML/AI and Cybersecurity. I'm currently working on automating the detection & prevention of Fraud, Scams, and Cyberattacks, based on state-of-the-art research and scalable engineering techniques in ML/AI and Cybersecurity, at Well Fargo.

I was the Faculty Leader and Founder of FIRE Capital One Machine Learning at the University of Maryland. FIRE Capital One Machine Learning is a research mentorship program, specializing in providing ML/AI education, career development, and hands-on experience in deep learning and artificial intelligence. In my day-to-day, I worked closely with future engineers, scientists, and leaders on fun and exciting ML/AI projects, in an environment that strongly values community, mentorship, diversity, and inclusion. I departed my faculty leader role at the end of 2022, after running it for 5 incredible years and graduating 100+ students from my program.

# Contact

Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn: raymond-huahong-tu